I recently received the most heart warming thank you from a member of the UNF men’s tennis team, Norbert Nemcsek (who finished the season ranked No. 48 nationally with Jack Findel-Hawkins in doubles). Here are the 3 things that made his letter to me so great: Opportunity, experience and impact. 1. He started his thank you with “I’d like to take this opportunity“… and his thanks continued through the entire letter. 2. Norbert explained how donating to program helped them have an experience, that otherwise, they would not have had. 3. He explained how my donation impacted not just him, but the entire team and what they have to do to reach their goals. This past year, I have had “the opportunity” to interact with the Men’s and Woman’s tennis teams at the 30th year anniversary and have continued to correspond with the coaches since then on the phone and by e-mail. They are an impressive bunch to say the least. The fact that Norbert took the time to write me that sweet letter says a lot about him and his coaches. UNF can definitely count on my support for years to come! I hope during this holiday season, we will follow Norbert’s example and take the opportunity to thank others for the opportunities, experiences and impact they have had on our lives.