Experience the power of rowing together!

Rowing in a boat together provides an experience that your team will never forget. Rowing is both challenging and fun, appealing to all levels in an organization. It is the perfect teambuilding experience. We provide highly skilled coaches to give you the best possible rowing experience and world-class facilitators who to help you address your challenges at work.

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Participant Outcomes:

Set your team boat

Learn basic rowing skills

Row as a team

Debrief your rowing experience


At Lake Washington Rowing Club in Seattle and other rowing clubs around the world, we offer fun 1/2- day and full-day morale events and teambuilding sessions for you and your team. Since the original OARS Program began in 1998, we have worked with thousands of customers in the United States, Canada and Europe, delivering high-quality teambuilding events using rowing. Our customers range from large corporations to small businesses and teams.


The Rowers’ Code Morale Events are for all levels in an organization and all types of teams.


$150 per person (Includes rowing coach, equipment, insurance). Each participant will receive a copy of The Rowers’ Code book. The price per person will be discounted if this event is combined with a workshop or The Rowers’ Code™ Complete Package.

Participant Materials

The participant kit for this solution includes the following items:

The Rowers’ Code: A business parable, how to pull together as a team – and win!

Power 10 guidebook

Rowerscode.com website links to videos, tools and resources

Experience the power of The Rowers’ Code™ working in your organization!

To help you attain your full potential as an organization or team, participants are encouraged to enroll in The Rowers’ Code™ Complete Package, designed to help you build a collaborative culture where everyone has a sense of purpose and is motivated to achieve great results.

The 7 Principles of The Rowers’ Code

1. Always do what’s best for the team
2. Give every seat equal value
3. Carry your load
4. Balance the boat
5. Stay in sync
6. Lead by example
7. Keep everything in the boat

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