Last night we stuck with our family tradition to “ring out the old” and “ring in the new”. We literally ring a beautiful blue bell that was my mothers. It’s from a church in Sweden. She probably bought it in their gift shop.

Normally, we ring the bell on New Year’s Eve as we dream of all the wonderful things we hope for in the new year. But, this year there was no bell ringing on New Year’s Eve. Instead, I was in bed, sick as a dog.

Last night, 10 days late, as we decided to celebrate the New Year and ring the bell, all I could do was think about what a waste of time last month was. I had three things I wanted to accomplish in December and not one of them actually happened. First, I got bronchitis, then the flu. Only negative thoughts clouded my mind as I tried thinking of wonderful things to ring in in for the New Year.

Then it dawned on me, to ring in the new, I would first have to ring out the old – the negativity from what didn’t happen as planned. Once I did that and let go of it, it was easy to ring in the new. I am sure we all have things like that – things that don’t happen as planned for whatever reason and things that are negative which hold us captive. If you haven’t done it yet, try ringing out the old so that you can ring in the new.

Here’s a link to the poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson, 18091892