Anything is possible when we pull together.

The Regatta Challenge is an exciting, interactive way to get your entire company focused on the goals that matter most. Using the positive principles of the Rowers’ Code, teams get organized, complete challenges, and race to meet their targets. Our game design allows teams to visualize their own progress, seize opportunities for improvement, and enjoy the rewards
of working together.

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Regatta Challenge Phases

Set Goals

Where does your company need to improve?

Organize People

Form teams of 2–8, or take on a solo challenge.


Team boats advance as they complete a set of tasks.

Report and Reward

Collect feedback, encourage learning, and reward success!

Experience the power of The Rowers’ Code™ working in your organization!

To help you attain your full potential as an organization or team, participants are encouraged to enroll in The Rowers’ Code™ Complete Package, designed to help you build a collaborative culture where everyone has a sense of purpose and is motivated to achieve great results.

The 7 Principles of The Rowers’ Code

1. Always do what’s best for the team
2. Give every seat equal value
3. Carry your load
4. Balance the boat
5. Stay in sync
6. Lead by example
7. Keep everything in the boat

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