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Marilyn’s engaging talks and The Rowers’ Code™ principles have influenced countless leaders and team members in business, government, healthcare, IT, sports and education. Marilyn speaks on a variety of topics including leadership, teamwork, cultural influence and performance. Her clients include Microsoft, Munich Re, the University of Washington Medical School and many more. Marilyn will inspire you and your team to “get off the dock and in the boat” so that you can experience working together to create a positive environment where team members are motivated and driven to increase performance and produce positive results.

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Participant Materials

The participant kit for this solution includes the following items:

The Rowers’ Code: A business parable, how to pull together as a team – and win!

Rowerscode.com website links to videos, tools and resources

The 7 Principle’s of The Rowers’ Code

1. Always do what’s best for the team
2. Give every seat equal value
3. Carry your load
4. Balance the boat
5. Stay in sync
6. Lead by example
7. Keep everything in the boat

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