cookie cutter

I used to felt guilty about constantly “blowing up” our training programs and “redesigning” them. After all, designing training programs take a lot of time and effort. But, what else should we do when the world around us is constantly changing? My previous experience of working in a manufacturing environment and currently consulting in the software industry in Seattle has helped give me a clear picture of the waterfall model and why I thrive under agile methodology. Even if the waterfall model is ideal for some applications, surely not all things apply to all people and all projects all of the time. What’s so special about agile methodology?

  1. It inspires creativity through increased opportunities to provide input during the process and try new things
  2. More interactions and iterations are produced as people are given the chance to build on each other’s ideas
  3. Teams collaborate more and get to see how things work earlier in the process

Learning is not all cookie cutter. The thing I like most about being a facilitator is the experience that happens when people start to build on one another’s ideas. Everything changes when that happens. The energy in the room can go from low to high in a nanosecond. All of a sudden people change from not being engaged at all to being fully engaged. Faces go from zombie to alive, bored to smiling…I think you get the picture. How do we use agile methodology in program design? We build on each other’s ideas and use feedback gained during our programs to prioritize what we should START-STOP-CONTINUE doing. START is something you know you need to do because it will help you (your clients tell you they need it), STOP is something you should stop because you know it is hurting you (there is no or negative value add) and CONTINUE is something that has made you successful to date and will continue to make you successful in the future (the things that make you unique and that your clients love about you). Using agile methodology to design our programs helps inspire innovation and aligns with our vision of providing unique programs which are engaging, challenging and fun.