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Management is NOT Leadership! The Rowers’ Code for Leaders workshop uses a unique approach to transition from management to leadership. Management is associated with a set of well-known processes that help an organization predictably do what it does best. Leadership is associated with taking the organization into the future, empowering people and producing useful change.

The Rowers’ Code for Leaders workshop is an intensive application experience where participants focus on performance gained through leadership. It is designed to minimize time away from the office and is taught as a one-day facilitator-led workshop either on- or off-site. This workshop gives all levels of managers a set of fast end effective tools to help them step up to the leadership challenge, motivate their team and impact productivity thorough their own behavior and the
example they set.

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Participant Outcomes/Tools:





Power 10

Participant Materials

The participant kit for this solution includes the following items:

The Rowers’ Code: A business parable, how to pull together as a team – and win!

A comprehensive Leadership Program workbook

Power 10 guidebook

Rowerscode.com website links to videos, tools and resources

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To help you attain your full potential as an organization or team, participants are encouraged to enroll in The Rowers’ Code™ Complete Package, designed to help you build a collaborative culture where everyone has a sense of purpose and is motivated to achieve great results.

The 7 Principles of The Rowers’ Code

1. Always do what’s best for the team
2. Give every seat equal value
3. Carry your load
4. Balance the boat
5. Stay in sync
6. Lead by example
7. Keep everything in the boat

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