It’s difficult to build the future if, as a leader, you find yourself firefighting a good part of your day. Life is short and we only have so much time everyday. How do you get out of firefighting mode?

1. Have unending confidence in your team. If your team is coming to you to solve issues that they can solve themselves, let them. Sometimes, they just need just need your boost of confidence, so give them that instead of jumping in full force.

2. Make your Strategy your guiding light. Your Mission and Vision help everyone understand why you exist and where you are going. Align your strategy so that it is your guiding light. Then it’s easy for everyone to have a sense of purpose and make the right choices and tradeoffs to keep focused.

3. Communicate your Focus in daily conversations: Lack of daily communication which aligns with the strategy causes confusion. If people don’t know your top priorities it’s only logical that they will come to you for everything. Focus on not more than 3 things and communicate them clearly in your daily conversations.