3 Questions to Keep your Leadership Focus

It’s easy to get bogged down in daily activities that take us away from the important things in work and life. When that happens it’s also easy to lose our focus and then the important things don’t seem so important anymore. They merely get lost in all the activities and chaos that surround our […]

The Magic of Being Honest

I recently asked someone for feedback and they gave me their honest opinion. I was lucky. Their honesty inspired my thinking and opened up my mind to new ideas so I could turn something good into something great. The magic was in the way they were honest. I like the transitive form of the […]

Celebrate What’s Working

As we celebrate the new year, we have a natural opportunity to assess where we’re at. I tend to focus on what’s not working and come up with multiple resolutions on what I want to ‘fix’ in the coming year. What if I took a different approach? Why not look at what IS working, what helps […]

3 Things You Can Do to Shine When Given the Carrot of Opportunity

Take the Bull by the Horns. Face the opportunity head on with confidence. You are being given a chance for a reason. Most likely because someone has confidence in you. Be creative, think out of the box, and try new things!
Use your Strengths. Your strengths helped you get to where you are today. Keep […]

5 Phrases Great Leaders Use Every Day!

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Looking back through the open text of countless surveys I discovered 5 phrases that great leaders use daily. These phrases align perfectly with the 3 things that show people you value them: 1. You listen to them. 2. You ask for their opinion. 3. You include them in decision making.

Here are the 5 phrases […]

Firefighting or Focus?

It’s difficult to build the future if, as a leader, you find yourself firefighting a good part of your day. Life is short and we only have so much time everyday. How do you get out of firefighting mode?

1. Have unending confidence in your team. If your team is coming to you to solve […]

Be More Rudolph!

It’s easy to come to a consensus when everyone is the same, thinks the same and acts the same. The question is…will that really move us forward in the larger scope of things and help solve the big issues? At times I am sure we think it does, because sometimes we just want to […]

The Illusion of Speed

The illusion of speed happens when we skip the things that keep us aligned. It’s at that point that everyone might be working as hard as they can, but you end up BOLDY GOING NOWHERE. It might be painful to backup and start at the things that you were first grounded in like your […]