About marilyn-krichko

Marilyn is passionate about leadership and team building. In 1998 Marilyn founded The OARS Program teambuilding company, now organized as Criterion Consulting Solutions, where she currently is a Managing Partner. The Rowers’ Code™ programs and book followed and are the backbone of the leadership and teambuilding programs Criterion offers today. Marilyn’s business experience includes worldwide strategy and marketing programs, IT solutions delivery, program management, process improvement and executive/team development. She has worked both in the United States and abroad in intense multilingual, multinational environments, requiring extensive teamwork and collaboration. Marilyn received her undergraduate degree in marketing and MBA from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida and holds a certificate in Total Quality Management from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. When not at work, Marilyn enjoys rowing, cycling and cross-country skiing. She lives with her family in Seattle, Washington.

Take 5 to Save a Relationship!

We live in a reactive society where it’s easy to feel compelled to respond to e-mails the moment they hit our inbox. jump to conclusions before others have finished talking and get emotional before understanding the whole story. This behavior has the potential to lead to misunderstanding which breaks down communication and undermines relationships.

To […]

Firefighting or Focus?

It’s difficult to build the future if, as a leader, you find yourself firefighting a good part of your day. Life is short and we only have so much time everyday. How do you get out of firefighting mode?

1. Have unending confidence in your team. If your team is coming to you to solve […]

Be More Rudolph!

It’s easy to come to a consensus when everyone is the same, thinks the same and acts the same. The question is…will that really move us forward in the larger scope of things and help solve the big issues? At times I am sure we think it does, because sometimes we just want to […]

The Illusion of Speed

The illusion of speed happens when we skip the things that keep us aligned. It’s at that point that everyone might be working as hard as they can, but you end up BOLDY GOING NOWHERE. It might be painful to backup and start at the things that you were first grounded in like your […]

The Opportunity to be Thankful!

I recently received the most heart warming thank you from a member of the UNF men’s tennis team, Norbert Nemcsek (who finished the season ranked No. 48 nationally with Jack Findel-Hawkins in doubles). Here are the 3 things that made his letter to me so great: Opportunity, experience and impact. 1. He started his […]