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Marilyn is passionate about leadership and team building. In 1998 Marilyn founded The OARS Program teambuilding company, now organized as Criterion Consulting Solutions, where she currently is a Managing Partner. The Rowers’ Code™ programs and book followed and are the backbone of the leadership and teambuilding programs Criterion offers today. Marilyn’s business experience includes worldwide strategy and marketing programs, IT solutions delivery, program management, process improvement and executive/team development. She has worked both in the United States and abroad in intense multilingual, multinational environments, requiring extensive teamwork and collaboration. Marilyn received her undergraduate degree in marketing and MBA from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida and holds a certificate in Total Quality Management from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. When not at work, Marilyn enjoys rowing, cycling and cross-country skiing. She lives with her family in Seattle, Washington.

When Measuring Hurts! 5 Tips for Leaders to Take Out the Sting!

Recently, I have had several conversations about metrics, quality and delivery which were quite disturbing. (BTW: These are NOT small companies) We are all human and fall into some of the metrics traps, but there is something we can do about it. We don’t have to stay trapped or trap other people.

During one […]

Leaders – Ask the Right Questions!

Leaders are constantly asking their teams to work better together and increase performance. Because we are in the leadership and teambuilding business, I get calls all the time from leaders who tell me their team is doing just fine, they want to do a fun teambuilding event and would like to figure out a […]

3 Questions to Keep your Leadership Focus

It’s easy to get bogged down in daily activities that take us away from the important things in work and life. When that happens it’s also easy to lose our focus and then the important things don’t seem so important anymore. They merely get lost in all the activities and chaos that surround our […]

The 3 Lies: How to know when to recharge your own batteries

I would like to think that we are all super human, being aware of everything around us, behaving in the very best manner and having the energy to jump in full force to solve important issues. However, we are all human and need a break sometimes to recharge and gain our footing so that […]

The Magic of Being Honest

I recently asked someone for feedback and they gave me their honest opinion. I was lucky. Their honesty inspired my thinking and opened up my mind to new ideas so I could turn something good into something great. The magic was in the way they were honest. I like the transitive form of the […]

Learning that Engages People Using Agile Methodology

I used to felt guilty about constantly “blowing up” our training programs and “redesigning” them. After all, designing training programs take a lot of time and effort. But, what else should we do when the world around us is constantly changing? My previous experience of working in a manufacturing environment and currently consulting in […]

3 Things You Can Do to Shine When Given the Carrot of Opportunity

Take the Bull by the Horns. Face the opportunity head on with confidence. You are being given a chance for a reason. Most likely because someone has confidence in you. Be creative, think out of the box, and try new things!
Use your Strengths. Your strengths helped you get to where you are today. Keep […]

As If Every Day Were Vacation

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By Kristina Latta-Lendefeld

I went on a cross-country road trip recently to drop off and pick up rowing shells from Massachusetts to Colorado. In December and January, this was a risky endeavor. With a sixty-foot trailer and deciding ahead of time to not stop for long rests at hotels, it was even riskier. Thankfully, the […]

5 Phrases Great Leaders Use Every Day!

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Looking back through the open text of countless surveys I discovered 5 phrases that great leaders use daily. These phrases align perfectly with the 3 things that show people you value them: 1. You listen to them. 2. You ask for their opinion. 3. You include them in decision making.

Here are the 5 phrases […]

Ring Out the Old to Ring In the New!

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Last night we stuck with our family tradition to “ring out the old” and “ring in the new”. We literally ring a beautiful blue bell that was my mothers. It’s from a church in Sweden. She probably bought it in their gift shop.

Normally, we ring the bell on New Year’s Eve as we dream […]