Imagine what would happen if you
could bring the power and teamwork
of an Olympic rowing team to your business.

The Rowers’ Code™ offers a selection of unique hands on services including Team Building Workshops, Leadership Programs, On-Water Rowing Events, Speaking Engagements, and healthy competitions like the Regatta Challenge to roll out initiatives and help your strategy come alive. Whether you choose an individual workshop or sign up for an entire program, Marilyn and The Rowers’ Code team can help you make exciting changes to transform your team and supercharge performance.
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Our Goal

Experience new ways of working together using the metaphor of rowing and The Rowers’ CodeTM

Become “One Boat” where everyone is aligned around a common purpose

Bring the strategy alive and make it real

Experience success through activities where people feel connected and are fully engaged

Build on the ideas and strengths of each other

Learn to quickly assess and adapt to a changing environment

Create a safe environment where people can work out issues together

Apply positive behaviors which are real and replicable

Energize yourself and your team!

The Rowers’ Code Model

The 7 Principles of The Rowers’ Code

1. Always do what’s best for the team
2. Give every seat equal value
3. Carry your load
4. Balance the boat
5. Stay in sync
6. Lead by example
7. Keep everything in the boat

The Rowers’ Code

A business parable, how to pull together as a team – and win!

The Rowers’ Code, a business fable which dramatically portrays one team’s intense team-building experience and presents a simple, actionable set of truths about teamwork and communication that can be applied to every workplace scenario to supercharge performance. It is a quick, easy read that will plant some seeds for thought as you begin your “rowing as one boat” journey.

Ready to experience the power of The Rowers’ Code?

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