Imagine what would happen if you
could bring the power and teamwork
of an Olympic rowing team to your business.

The Rowers’ Code offers a selection of unique hands on services including team building seminars, leadership programs, on-water rowing events, speaking engagements, and much more. Whether you choose an individual workshop or sign up for an entire program, Marilyn and The Rowers’ Code team can help you make exciting changes to transform your team and supercharge performance.
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Teamwork is the heartbeat of every successful organization. The Rowers’ CodeTM for Teams workshop is an intensive application experience where participants focus on building skills they can easily use in any challenging situation.Learn More»


The Rowers’ Code™ Leadership Program is designed to help leaders develop effective leadership skills to build trust, clarify purpose, align people and unleash potential, creating healthy, happy, collaborative teams that produce great results. Learn More»


Rowing in a boat together provides an experience that your team will never forget. Rowing is both challenging and fun, appealing to all levels in an organization. It is the perfect teambuilding experience.Learn More»


The Rowers’ Code™ Speaking Engagements are designed to inspire individuals to create a positive environment where team members are motivated and driven to increase performance and produce positive results.Learn More»


The Rowers’ Code Assessments provide insight into aspects of leadership, your team, and your work environment that impact workgroup performance, and identify what is going well, what is not going well and what needs to change.Learn More»


The Rowers’ Code™ Team Challenge helps your organization achieve sustained results by focusing on building skills that help individuals function more effectively during their daily interactions.Learn More»


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We are growing our network! The Rowers’ Code is now looking for partners to team up in bringing the power of The Rowers’ Code to teams across the world. If you are interested, get in touch!Learn More»


The Rowers’ Code Team Assessment helps you identify the current state of your team and the areas which are impacting your team the most. It helps provide insight into what is going well, not going well and what needs to change.Learn More»

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